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Our Tasting Room Art Gallery features work by local artists and changes seasonally

Fusion of Forms

an art show featuring Nancy Ramsey and Lesley Clarke

Our current show features artists who create depth through luminous layers of color, shape, and line.  Clarke’s encaustic works evoke the fluidity of nature, while Ramsey’s acrylic paintings use overlapping figures to capture the body in motion.

Join us to meet Lesley and Nancy on Sunday, April 14, from 2 – 4PM.  The artists will be available to talk about their paintings and art pieces throughout the event, but no formal presentation is scheduled.

Fusion of Forms is available for viewing during all the open hours of the Tasting Room.  The show will run from March 20 – June 23, 2024.

Enjoy a glass of wine while viewing the artworks!

Ramsey-Dancing through the Crowd
Clarke-Forms in Motion 2
Nancy Ramsey
Lesley Clarke