Rt 9 Detour

The Town of Hillsboro has moved up their construction schedule to take advantage of the lighter than usual traffic while people are staying at home this season. Beginning Monday, May 4th, visitors to 868 who come from Leesburg, Ashburn and points east will get to enjoy an additional ten minute drive through the country as you are routed around Hillsboro.

Please check your GPS prior to departure to make sure that are you taking the fastest route.

We have found not found the Town of Hillsboro’s suggested detour to be the best way to get to us.  Rather, we are recommending you continue on Rt 7 to Round Hill to Evening Star to Woodgrove Rd.  See the map below.

This detour will last through August 2020. Updates and details can be found here: Rethink9.com

map of detour

Thank you for making the extra effort to get to us!

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